An impertinent and constructive guide for BIM Managers

Authors: Serge K. Levan, Pervenche d’Audiffret
Publisher: Eyrolles
Collection: Blanche BTP
Number of pages: 136
Publication date: 05/07/2018

Professionals in general and BIM managers in particular encounter both technical and organizational obstacles in various areas, going from tender procedures to project management, including digital models and BIM protocols. They tend to come up with workaround solutions, often very time-consuming, which make BIM appear more as a pipe dream than a promised land.

What does the future hold for us as long as we fail to combine a project-based approach with profit margins in accordance with the common good? Can BIM managers breathe new life into BIM through technological change? In light of current practices, often resourceful but lacking planning, the authors provide answers on how to pull systems and processes together in a tight BIM implementation.  

Serge K. Levan, BIM consultant, and Pervenche d’Audiffret, BIM manager, remind us that in order to get different results we must do things differently. Before we can do things differently, we must think differently. And in order to think differently we must change. Moving away from dominant interpretations, they put forward an alternative vision for BIM:

-How can BIM be implemented in order to avoid the risky attitude of patching together separate solutions? (Part 1)

-What is the typical profile of managers in charge of BIM-based projects? (Part 2)

-What skills does a BIM manager need in order to act differently? (Part 3)