Portfolio : Stations

Each type of urban transport infrastructure reveals a distinct outlook over the city: viaducts provide elevated views of the urban landscape, ground-level routes border public spaces while tunnels run far under the city.
Rosa Parks Station | (c) SNCF - AREP - Mathieu Lee Vigneau

Station architecture goes far beyond strictly operational goals (such as daily management of dense passenger flows, legible walkways and connections). It has the power to enhance the wider transport experience.


To the often imposed banality of transport facilities, we oppose an architectural design where structures, materials, and light serve both operational purposes and the emblematic image of cities. Drawing on the surrounding landscape, each one of our projects reveals the intrinsic features of the site regardless of whether it overlooks the city or delves deep underground to support it as well as the spirit of the cities and districts they serve.


Transport facilities form part both of everyday life and the network of public spaces thanks to their legibility, high-quality spatial layout and identity.


They highly contribute to forging the image of metropolitan areas.