Enabling cities

In an earlier book called "From station to city", we explained our project approach and presented our acquired experience in how the city was built and developed around stations. Their design resulted in the creation of AREP, an architectural and urban design structure created with the backing of SNCF.
AREP - Enabling Cities

AREP invites us to review the design of cities in a manner that takes account of past failures while alos integrating new imperatives (demographic upheavals, sustainable development, the digital revolution, an economy based on sharing, etc.). The intention is to reorganise space around pedestrians and allow the city to meet its vocation as a centre of exchange, collective creativity and sharing.


Above all, this book is the reconstruction of a collective approach to the city developed by AREP over many years and which concerns a large number of urban subjects both in France and abroad.


It represents an indispensable manual focussed on contemporary city planning and will be of use to all those concerned by the city and its future, no matter whether they be politicians, architects, city planners, engineers, citizen associations or students. It Represents both guide and manifesto.