Portfolio : Hotels & Housing

The housing projects undertaken by AREP belong to a variety of urban situations: transformation of the former Auxerre hospital, development of a new district above the Hangzhou metro workshops, design of villas at the foot of the mountain in Dujiangyuan, construction of a care home for elderly dependent people (EHPAD for the French acronym) at Sanary, redevelopment of the Chatillons block in Reims.
Le Clos des Vignes in Auxerre | (c) AREP - Mathieu Lee Vigneau

Our approach to every project is threefold and takes into account :

  • the housing unit and its capacity to meet contemporary needs: habitability, flexibility, natural light, links with outer spaces and with nature.
  • the neighbourhood, whose spatial layout stems from the history of the site of which it is part. Its uses are determined by the hierarchy between the various spaces that compose it and that go from the most private to the most public ones including those created for the needs of community life in a housing complex.
  • the city, which generates urban continuity and provides for the mechanisms allowing neighbourhoods to access the various urban functions.


Hotels constitute urban markers. They are considered as extensions to housing or offices by multitasking city-dwellers always on the move. They act as comfortable, multi-purpose and welcoming urban lounges, open to the contemporary uses of the city.