Portfolio : Technical Facilities

In AREP, we design industrial premises with an acute awareness of functional and ergonomic issues. Our main concern is to provide quality pedestrian walkways, ergonomic workstations as well as physical and psychological comfort to people using those buildings every day.
Lorraine technicentre in Woippy | (c) SNCF - AREP

Technical facilities, whether it be maintenance workshops, logistics buildings, storage facilities or of any other use, share three goals. The first one is to serve as an optimal tool, simple and functionally legible, and therefore capable of meeting efficiency requirements. The second one is related to the quality of materials and technical solutions within a limited budget. Finally, the third one consists in ensuring that the erected buildings contribute to respecting the landscape and the urban environment.


Taking into account the environmental effects of this type of programmes leads to the mitigation of their ecological impact. First of all by the use of easily recyclable materials, selected for their technical quality, maintainability and architectural relevance. Then by implementing technical solutions ensuring efficient rainwater management, low energy consumption (by taking advantage of natural daylight), solar energy production as well as high quality thermal insulation. Thermal comfort adapts to the needs of the various areas of the building while workspaces benefit from natural daylight. The spatial concentration of functions not only limits the impact of the buildings’ volume but also facilitates links between various services and optimises surface use and costs. Last but not least, this type of projects is a major opportunity for companies, or local authorities which promote them, to highlight their activities, values and image through architecture.