Connecting professionals through innovative collaborative workshops

AREP designlab experiments with new methods, such as workshops, and explores new ways of designing interiors and providing services within public spaces.
Workshop on signage and wayfinding

From the outset of the design process, we put in place procedures for a widely accessible dialogue involving various players. The community of users extends beyond passengers and non-travelling users; it encompasses operators and retailers, as well as all those who help public spaces thrive on a daily basis. We engage with them from the beginning of each project in order to fully understand their needs, the specific context and any economic, legal and regulatory constraints they need to cope with.


Since the launch of AREP designlab in 2016, we have developed different types of collaborative workshops, such as the briefing workshops and the concept booster workshops.


Briefing workshops are brainstorming sessions where we share ideas and define our clients' needs in detail. They serve two goals:

Clarify and describe our clients' needs by setting them in their context and projecting them with respect to the opportunities occurring from the requirements of the project.

Seek opportunities to create value, be it in terms of use value or economic value. In addition, we can provide our clients with insight into potential financial partners for their projects.


Concept booster workshops transform ideas into detailed action plans and help clients to come up with innovative solutions for the spaces and services they provide.

Ideas may often remain vague or never go beyond mere suggestions and representations. In order to move forward, it is therefore necessary to schedule costs and organise the various stages within a specific timeline. Through a series of meetings, we help our clients to transform ideas into concepts and concepts into action plans.

AREP designlab's working method consists in going beyond the original idea by setting it in the specific context of use and users, while reinforcing scheduling and implementation processes in order to facilitate project completion.

Le Cube, AREP designlab © Yann Audic

Connecting professionals from various backgrounds

Our initiatives here at AREP designlab go beyond the aforementioned workshops. We bring together professionals from various backgrounds -researchers, engineers, urban designers, and designers- in order to combine their different approaches on the same project.

Hybrid perspectives on the same project foster innovation and promote new approaches to problem solving. The workshops bring together differing points of view.

The experiments and tests that come after the workshops lead to the implementation of user-oriented solutions.